Logo Enak Cortebeeck

As a creative, I've built up over twelve years of experience in directing, art direction and design on film, television, advertising and multimedia. In short: give me anything visual!


I love visuals that live in their own universes. Creating things that move out of our reality, anything from juicy cartoon styles to layers of colourful wackyness painted over real images. Feel free to browse through my portfolio and choose a style that suits your needs, or just contact me and let's invent something new entirely!


When I'm not bending reality, I like to do the exact opposite. Travel to interesting places, carrying way to much photography gear, or scouring the bottom of the seas with an air tank strapped to my back and a camera to the chest. Feel free too side-track to my work as an underwater photographer.


As a director

As creative director

As (lead) designer

As motion designer

As assistant-director

As a teacher

Levende Liedjes (dvd)

Dag Kapitein Winokio (dvd)

MOTUS (hbits, VUB)

Grond (Soil) (Lunanime, SBS, Netflix, in post-production)

Red Light (Eyeworks, Warner Bros)

Baptiste Season 1 (BBC, CZAR) 

Patser (Adil & Bilall, A Team Productions)

De Club (De Filistijnen)

Alleen Eline (Hugo Van Laere, Marmalade)

Lost in the Middle (Senne Dehanschutter, Zodiac)

Tytgat Chocolat (één, deMENSEN)

Gent-West (Marmalade, FremantleMedia)

Patser (Adil & Bilall, A Team Productions)

Sous La Peau (documentary, Mathias Verleyen)

Guest Professorate at Erasmus Hogeschool Brussel, Department RITCS, 2BA Podiumtechnieken & Drama: 'Camera & Editing'

De La Salle University, Metro Manila, Philipines: Guest speaker audiovisual productions and production design.