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Client: David Piedfort

Did you know that Radio 1 host Wouter Mattelin is a gifted guitar builder? And more specifically: an especially gifted resonator guitar builder? This live performance of guitarist David Piedfort on one of Mattelin's square-neck resonator guitars (which means they are played on the lap) got worldwide attention of musicians, critically acclaiming the quality and sound of this handmade instrument.

The motion graphics give this video an extra dimension. While the musician demonstrates the quality of the resonator guitar, the extra layer tells the story how the resonator guitar became well known and widespread within the music industry. Each graphic consists of multiple elements which were -in turn- linked to the frequency of the music.

The video was shot in dynamic range, which allows for much more control over the colors, but always requires decent color grading. The color harmony is: brown (nostalgic, trustworthy) and blue (cool).