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When it comes to logo design, I had to split this page up in 'real' logos and 'fiction' logos. As my work in film and television often requires me to create a ficticious brand (and logo) for the film.

Wheter the logo is ficticious or real, one can never be of less quality than the other. Using ficticious brands in film would be pointless if the brand designs would not have gotten the same care and consideration als a real brand design. It would simply look fake, and eventhough film is fake, that's not what we want the audience to feel.

A logo should tell the story of the brand. That doesn't mean it litterally has to narate what the brand does, it can also be a feeling such as: strong, geeky, trustworthy, fast, etcetera. 



A Sweynbeer is old Dutch for boar. The brewery got its name because of the street they are in (Sweynbeerstraat) and follows an old legend of a secret treasure owned by emperor Charles. At night this treasure was first guarded by black boars and a black nine-headed dragon, and later on by white boars and a white seven-headed dragon. The boar became the focuspoint of the logo and the main character in our labels. I did the entire art direction for Brewery Sweynbeer and designed all labels. A more in depth look can be found here


Fairy Positron is an online clothing store that caters mostly to children. The store sells clothes that have a great geeky vibe: dresses with scientific prints, dinosaurs, etcetera.

They wanted their logo to be an adventurous kid with a jetpack, and as many cool geeky references embedded in it as we could. So a cool geeky positron superhero girl with a screwdriver (Doctor Who) and the number 42 (the answer to life, the universe and everything) it is!


Het Fotobos is a photography studio that specialises in toddler and newborn photography. In their studio the create stunning sceneries where their young clients can have a fun shoot with (for example) a cake smash.

The studio, founded by a photographer/ kindergarden teacher, had to be more than what you see on the pictures. It had to be a fun, pleasing environment as well. So that children would feel the great vibe of the place. The theme was decided on a magical forest, made entirely out of arts and crafts materials.


Vikid is an educational tablet app designed to make young children acquanted with the basics of relative programming. Using purely graphical constructions, the player is guided to rebuild and animate simple shapes. The more he progresses, the more complicated these builds will become, thus advancing his knowledge of programming and preparing him for the future.

Since Vikid is about composing objects out of simple geometric shapes, the logo had to be just that. Every object in the design can be created inside the app.

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This logo was created for a ficticious coffee house in Amsterdam featured in the BBC One Series Baptiste. It needed a hipster kind of vibe to match the visually eclectic and trendy location the scene took place: the Amsterdam Red Light District. The name Bar Baric served the same purpose as well. A fun play on words that clearly stated what the place was all about as well.


British Sky is a ficticious airline company in the BBC One Series Baptiste. This straight logo had every element you could expect from a UK airline: speed, wings and the colours of the Union Jack.


For this ficticious yoga centre, the director od the BBC One Series Baptiste. wanted a logo with a tree reference. By adding the roots, the design becme more balanced, plus the roots added more symbolism to the design, as did the one falling leaf.