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Client: Hidrodoe / Pidpa

When the educational water park Hidrodoe approached me to redesign come of their exhibition pieces, I couldn't resist. All elements where there: creating motion designs (fun!), creating them for children (awesome audience!) and working around water (finally!).

Hidrodoe is an educational water park for children. It focusses on all things water: the uses, benefits, physics, but mostly the ecological use of water. And this is with good reason: Hidrodoe is owned by Pidpa, Antwerp's water supplier. So the conscious use of one of our planet's most precious recources is something they really take to heart. 

It had been 15 years since the last update, so it was time for a new look. While installing new and cool scientific attractions, the people of Hidrodoe asked me to redesign some of the educational elements. One of them was the purification process of groundwater.

I have a special bond with water. When I'm not having a blast creating everything you see on this portfolio, I scour the waters as an underwater photographer.

We don't just produce drinking water from groundwater, surface water can also be used.

The production drinking water through ground water is a little more simplistic than rpduction with surface water. This not only because ground water is less exposed to all kinds of harmfull exterior factors, the ground also already plays a huge part in natural water filtration.

Surface water, however, required more attention. As this is water that had been flowing through our rivers, of's been exposed to many (mostly human) contagions. The water filtration company 'Water-Link' was kind enough to give us a tour behind the scenes so I could recreate this proces into one easily comprehended by children.

The water cycle

Finally, I animated the water cycle.

Basically, this is the journey a single water drop makes. Starting from the sea, the clouds, rain, rivers and all the way back to the ocean.

A journey that takes on average about 35.000 years! So simply put: no civilisation has ever seen the same water molecules twice. Amazing, if you think about it. 

This also means I have seen what pollution does to the environnement. And how clean, drinkable water is becoming more important every day. And after all my years creating audiovisual projects for Kapitein Winokio, working for children just feels like second nature to me, and is something a really love to do.