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This year MAS opened a new exhibition about celebration in Antwerp, Called 'FEEST'. I was asked to direct an exhibition piece around the topic of marriage. In close collaboration with Claudia Zen Karan (who did the photographs) and Al.Arte.

The goal was to see what all these celebrations have in common. Antwerp is a great meltingplot of all kinds of colourful cultures. But there is one thing that connects all of them: the mothers. Seeing their daughters in their bridal dresses for the first time, releases a stom of emotions: pride, nostalgia, happyness and sometimes even sadness.

This movie was created around that idea. And by mixing it up in editing, we tried to show that howvever different some people clame we are, we all share the same human emotions. We all laugh, we all cry and we all feel pride.


The film will be on permanant display at MAS for the upcoming years.

Any further information can be found here: FEEST

Below are some snapshots of the exhibition and some making of-pictures.

Screenshots of the film