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Client: Fibricheck

Two promotional videos were made for the release of FibriCheck on Fitbit, making this the first medical app on Fitbit.

Fibricheck has been a client for some time now. Their product is one of those that help save lives. By monitoring your heart rate and transfering this data to your cardiologist, people with arrhythmia have a severely reduced risk of suffering strokes. But mostly: this app is the real deal. It is perscription based.

Imagine these facts:

- 1 in 4 of adults develop arrhythmias in their life*

- 4.24 million strokes each year bechause of arrhythmias*

- 75% of these strokes can be prevented*

(source: FibriCheck)

Besides that, the people of FibriCheck are genuinly nice and caring people, who invented their product following personal experiences. And this is always a factor for me. I have to believe in what I'm making or find myself in my client's mission statement. Once I do, I'll give 200%.

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