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Grimm Endings is an ongoing series of artwork revolving around just one question: what could happen if fairy tale characters were less stereotypical? It concludes these tales with alternate  endings, not ones where the main characters are defeated by the typical antagonist, but by someone else.

The first fairy tales actually did not end well for the main characters. For example: little Red Riding hood accidentally eats her grandmother before getting eaten by the wolf herself. This is mainly because the earliest fairy tales served as a warning to children. Don't do into the woods by yourself,  or don't talk to strangers, or you'll end up like Little Red Riding Hood.

Yet characters always remained mostly stereotypical. The protagonist is 'all that is good', while the antagonist is 'pure evil'. The other characters always chose a side. There would be the fairly odd bunch of do-gooders, for example the dwarfs, or the evil sidekick. So whatever 'light or dark side' these characters chose, they would always stick with them.

One exception sticks out, however. Tinker Bell is awfully jealous of Wendy. Being in love with Peter Pan she would like nothing more then to dispose of her rival. Yet, when push comes to shove, again she will chose the light side over the dark side.

But what if things weren't so black and white? What if the dwarves could be persuaded by Snow White's stepmom to betray their innocent guest? And what if Wendy herself was, in turn, a jealous bitch for whom no action was to grotesque to dispose of het tiny fairy rival?

Grimm Endings asks these questions and delivers to most entertaining answer possible. So this is a world where dwarfs can't be trusted, where the Blue Fairy hates wooden guys, and where Wendy decided to use the B-word on Tinker Bell ('Believe, as in: 'I don't.)

Grimm Endings is an ongoing series and has been made available in mugs, greeting cards.

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